Maclean District Hospital Hospital – Pathology

The collection of blood, body fluids and substances is performed by the collection staff on site at the Maclean hospital collection room and specimens are transferred to our Grafton Laboratory. The laboratory is located at Grafton Hospital and is a category B laboratory performing primary level services with sample referral to secondary and tertiary level laboratories for more complex testing. These services are provided to the hospital inpatient, outpatients and to the general practices and veterinary services throughout the Clarence Valley.

  • Collection room is open from 9.00am-3.00pm
  • Clients who require samples to be collected will be required to provide a referral form and attend the collection room at Maclean Hospital between opening hours
  • The collection staff also perform ward rounds in the hospital and process samples for transport to our Grafton laboratory
(02) 6640 0168 (02) 6645 2862

Location of Service

Pathology, Maclean District Hospital, 21 Union Street, Maclean, 2463

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