Speech Pathology

Our Speech Pathologists work with adults and children to treat a range of swallowing and communication difficulties.

This can include:

  • Eating and drinking – difficulties with swallowing drinks or chewing and swallowing food, including people with alternate feeding e.g. PEG, NG tube
  • Speech – ability to speak clearly and be understood
  • Language – difficulty thinking of words, organising and expressing ideas, understanding conversation, following directions and answering questions, reading and writing impairment following brain injury/stroke
  • Voice – husky, breath or nasal voice, intermittent or complete loss of voice, inappropriate pitch or volume
  • Stuttering – noticeable disruptions to the smooth flow of speech.

We also treatment for children at risk of future speech or language problems, children who have undergone trauma, have developmental concerns, or have undergone cleft palate surgery.


Location: 54 Ewingsdale Road, Ewingsdale, NSW 2481
Hours of Service: 8.30am to 5pm, Monday to Friday
Contacting Us: Phone: (02) 6639 9400; fax: (02) 6639 9410