If eligible what next? / Suitability


If Eligible, What Next?

Treatment Plan

MERIT participants will undertake a comprehensive assessment appointment  with a MERIT case manager to establish the significance of their drug use issues. In consultation with the participant, an individual treatment program will then be developed. The participant’s acceptance into the program is endorsed by the Magistrate at the first court appearance at which time bail, incorporating MERIT conditions may or may not be set.

Involvement in MERIT requires a significant commitment by the participant. It is an intensive treatment process. Participants are closely case managed by experienced health professionals. Acceptance of a structured, intensive and at times intrusive program is expected.

Participants will also have access to the following treatment services:

  • Residential withdrawal/detoxification with medical support
  • General practitioner referral and support re: general health and well being and home withdrawal management if suitable.
  • Residential rehabilitation programs in New South Wales
  • Individual and group counselling
  • Assessment and support forMethadone and other pharmacotherapies
  • Case management and some forms of welfare support and assistance

Suitability (MERIT Team)

Suitability for the MERIT program is determined by the MERIT Team. To be suitable the defendant must:

  • have a treatable drug problem for which there is appropriate treatment interventions available
  • usually reside within the defined catchment area (or have sufficient connection to the area, for example, have full-time employment in the area)
  • voluntarily consent to undertake the MERIT program.