Speech Pathology

The speech pathology service provides assessment, management and education for patients presenting with communication (speech, language, fluency, voice, multimodal) and/ or swallowing difficulties. .

Speech Pathology is included in the multidisciplinary care of inpatients as well as targeted outpatient services.

Paediatric speech pathology services are available to infants and children of all ages, prioritising early intervention.

Children are seen for assessment, intervention or management of communication difficulties such as speech sound development, early language disorders or feeding difficulties.

Speech Pathologists work as part of the Child and Family Therapy Team offering a range of services including assessment, advice and strategies to help parents and carers to support the development of their child.

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Adult speech pathology services can assist patients presenting with communication or swallowing difficulties, and are offered in the inpatient setting, community health and as part of the Transitional Care Program.

Speech Pathology services are offered to patients who reside in the Tweed Shire and do not, or are not, eligible to access other speech pathology services. There is a waiting list and patients will be prioritised in line with Tweed/Byron Speech Pathology assessment priorities.

Location: Tweed Community Health, Florence Street (on The Tweed Hospital site), Tweed Heads NSW 2485
Hours of Service: 8.00am – 4.30pm Monday – Friday
Contacting Us:
  • Adult Speech Pathology: Phone: (07) 5506 7545. Fax: (07) 5506 7578
  • Child Speech Pathology: Phone: (07) 5506 7540 Fax: (07) 5506 7510
Access Criteria:
  • Adult: We accept self-referral, referral by GP, other allied health, or other organisations.
  • Paediatric:
    • Individuals can self-refer, or parents and carers can contact the service to refer their child.
    • We also accept referrals, with parental consent, from other health care providers, GPs or organisations.