Grafton Community Health Podiatry and High Risk Foot Clinic

General Podiatry – The Podiatry Department provides a range of interventions to people whose feet are considered to be at low risk. The service provides toenail reduction, general foot care, diabetes foot assessments and enable applications for footwear.

Diabetes High Risk Foot Clinic – The service is provided to people with Peripheral arterial disease (PAD), Rheumatoid arthritis with foot deformities or pain, Peripheral Neuropathy (lack of sensation in feet), Ulceration to feet or Neurological Diseases (MS, Spina Bifida, Charcot Marie Tooth, Parkinson’s etc). The service includes a comprehensive foot assessment, wound management, Ankle-brachial Index (ABI) or ulcer debridement when required.

  • 8.00am – 4.30pm (Mon-Fri)
  • Services operate Tues – Thurs. Appointments can be arranged by calling the Podiatry department.
  • General Podiatry – Provided to people with a government pension. A referral from GP or other health professionals is not required
  • Diabetes High Risk Foot Clinic – A medical health summary and referral from a health professional is required. Appointments can be arranged by contacting the Podiatry department.
(02) 6641 8734 (02) 6641 8731

Location of Service

Grafton Community Health, Arthur Street (Grafton Hospital Annexe Building), Grafton, 2460