Transitional Aged Care Services

Grafton Community Health Aruma – Transitonal Aged Care Services

Short term service [up tp 12 weeks] for older people to make the transition from hospital to home. They can receive a number of services, nursing, O/T, Physio. and brokerage to other community services. As part of their case management if the person requires permanent services they will be referred/acquire these services while on this program.

    8.00am – 5.00pm (Mon-Fri)
  • Program open to people who are 70+ [50+ Indigenous clients] or younger with an age related condition.
  • All clients must have an A.C.A.T assessment/approval in hospital prior to coming home.
  • Each client must require a nursing and therapy program.
(02) 6641 8280 (02) 6641 8280

Location of Service

Grafton Community Nursing Aruma, 175 Queen Street, Grafton, 2460