Physiotherapy – Child and Adult

Ballina Community Health – Physiotherapy Child and Adult

We provide assessment and treatment for musculoskeletal, respiratory, post-surgery, lymphedema and neurological conditions for people of any age who may benefit from physiotherapy intervention.

We also provide services for clients with chronic disease and chronic pain.


The Paediatric Physiotherapy Service is for children 0-18 years who present with neuro developmental problems, gross motor delay, posture and coordination problems, developmental musculoskeletal problems, chronic and complex health needs or respiratory needs.


We offer physiotherapy services to adult inpatients and outpatients a range of conditions that may include:

* Musculoskeletal,

* Orthopaedic,

* Respiratory,

* Cardiac,

* Cancer,

* Lymphoedema,

* Incontinence,

* Neurological.

Adults will require a referral to from their GP or specialist.


Child: 8.30am-4.45pm (Mon-Wed)

Adult: 8.30am – 4.45pm (Mon-Fri)

Contact: Phone (02) 6620 6200 Fax (02) 6686 0187


Child Physiotherapy – Ballina Community Health, 50 Fox Street, Ballina NSW, 2478

Adult Physiotherapy – Ballina District Hospital, 78-92 Cherry Street, Ballina NSW, 2478