Occupational Therapy

Ballina Community Health Occupational Therapy


Our child occupational therapy service provides assessment, education and intervention for children aged 0 -18 years, and their families and carers.

We focus on child development, motor skills, sensory processing and thinking skills which may impact on the child’s involvement in activities at home and preschool/school.

We can also prescribe equipment and recommend modifications to the home or school environment for children experiencing difficulties with their movement and mobility.

We accept referrals from family, preschool or school, early intervention, GPs and other specialists, with parent or guardian consent.

This service is for children who are not eligible for or receiving services from other agencies or private service providers. Clients are prioritised on the basis of their clinical need.


Our adult occupational therapy service is for people aged over 18. We provide a wide range of services for inpatients and community-based clients which may include:

* Hospital rehabilitation therapy, home assessments, equipment and client education for inpatients

* community based home assessments and recommendations for home modifications

* Equipment Loan Pool – loan of adaptive equipment for a period of two months

* Prescription of complex aids and equipment

* Education on energy conservation and falls management

* Management of Palliative Care client referrals to support clients and their carer’s at home,

* Community service referral for safety, access and environmental issues

We accept referrals from individuals, family and carers, and health professionals. Clients are prioritised on the basis of their clinical need.

Hours: 8.30am –4.45pm (Mon-Fri)

Contact: Phone (02) 6620 6200 Fax (02) 6686 0187

Location: Ballina Community Health, 50 Fox Street, Ballina NSW, 2478