Paediatric Therapy

Paediatric or child therapy services are an essential component of a comprehensive Child and Family Health Program. Paediatric therapy services typically include Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Pathology.

Child therapy services provide assessment, diagnosis and treatment of specific child health and developmental conditions and have an important role in the provision of health promotion programs related to child development and family wellbeing. Child therapy services provide outreach services through home and community visits, and consultation and partnership with other children’s service providers such as General Practitioners (GPs), child care, pre-schools, schools and family support programs.

Physiotherapists in a Child and Family context provide assessment and treatment of children’s movement and posture aiming to improve gross motor function.

Occupational Therapy aims to improve or maintain functioning in all aspects of daily living. Visual perception difficulties, sensory integration problems and fine motor deficits are areas of focus for Occupational Therapists in a Child and Family service.

Speech Pathologists provide assessment and treatment of communication and feeding disorders in children. Children who have difficulties with speech and language, fluency, voice and swallowing are supported by Speech Pathologists.

All paediatric therapies provide services in both individual and group settings and there is a strong focus on multidisciplinary management of children with delays across multiple areas of development.


To locate Paediatric Therapy Services in your local area, please refer to the
NNSW LHD Community Health Service Directory