REACH – Patient and Family Activated Escalation

What is REACH?

REACH is an easy to use system to raise concerns if you notice a worrying change in your condition or that of your loved one.

We encourage you to first raise your concerns directly with your nurse or doctor. If you remain worried after speaking with your nurse or doctor, REACH provides you with more options to escalate your concerns further.

Who can use REACH?

REACH can be used by patients currently admitted to our Hospitals or Rural Multipurpose Health Services and, by their family members or carers.

How does it work?

You may RECOGNISE a worrying change in your condition or that of your loved one.

We encourage you to ENGAGE with your nurse or doctor and tell them your concerns. If you remain concerned or if the condition is getting worse then ACT.

Ask to speak to the Nurse in Charge and request a medical assessment called a “Clinical Review”.

This should occur within 30 minutes.

If you are still worried make a REACH CALL.

The REACH phone number is displayed at the bedside or click here for the REACH number of the hospital you are in.

You can use the bedside phone, your mobile phone or ask for a ward phone.

Your call will be answered by a senior staff member then HELP will be on its way.

What is the REACH number for my hospital?

Call the REACH number displayed on the REACH poster at the bedside or the REACH number of the hospital you are in as listed below:

REACH Numbers External Internal
Ballina District Hospital (02) 6620 6202 (02) 6620 6202
Bonalbo Multi-Purpose Service (02) 6665 4113 113
Byron Central Hospital (02) 6639 9545 (02) 6639 9545
Casino & District Memorial Hospital (02) 6660 0642 (02) 6660 0642
Grafton Base Hospital (02) 6641 8455 (02) 6641 8455
Kyogle Multi-Purpose Service (02) 66300463 463
Lismore Base Hospital (02) 6624 0200 2222
Maclean District Hospital (02) 6640 0101 (02) 6640 0101
Murwillumbah District Hospital 0438 262 767 0438 262 767
Nimbin Multi-Purpose Service (02) 6688 1400 404
The Tweed Hospital (07) 5506 7667 (07) 5506 7667
Urbenville Multi-Purpose Service (02) 6634 1680 1680

Making the call

Tell the operator:

  • Who you are – a patient, family member or carer.
  • That you need a REACH call.
  • The name of the ward.
  • The bed number you, or the person you care for, is in.

Will I offend staff if I make a REACH call?

No. We want patients, family members and carers to be involved and help us create the best experience for you or the person you care for during your hospital stay.