Carers Program

The Carers Program aims to improve the responsiveness of the health system to family friend carers. It achieves this through the development of resources for clinicians and carers, to evolve a shared understanding of how to work together taking a team approach. Herein, helping one another to achieve goals.

Some recent resources include:
Carers Booklet

  • Information for carers’ booklet. A booklet with information to help carers to navigate the hospital system.
  • Carers staying overnight in hospital guideline. A guideline for hospital staff on negotiating with carers, an overnight stay in hospital to support a patient.
  • The Carers Program also monitors issues raised by carers about their experience of the health system.

If a theme emerges for carers, the Carers Program collaborates with relevant stakeholders to bring about systemic change to improve experience.

Kenneth Lee
Manager Patient and Carer Experience