Aboriginal Carers

Project Report: The Celebrating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Carers Initiative (CATSICI)


This Initiative was to demonstrate the NNSWLHD’s commitment to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People living on the North Coast with a caring role commensurate with the NSW Carers Charter. This initiative was originally funded by the former Department of Health under the NSW Carers Action Plan 2007-12. A reprint and second distribution of the associated resources was funded and facilitated by Alzheimers Australia in October 2013.


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with a caring role rarely identify with the term “carer” or utilise the services that are available to assist people with a caring role. The aims of this initiative were to provide opportunities for communities to raise the profile of Aboriginal carers and the services that provide support to carers in their communities.


Yarn ups were facilitated with the assistance of key community members to discuss the issue of caring and to develop a service information resource to celebrate and assist carers.


More than 50 community members from two communities contributed to the development of printed resources to assist local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with a caring role.


The results of the evaluation indicated that participating in the project allowed for reflection on the caring role and carers in the community. Participants also said that the service information resources were useful.