Site Visits

Site Initiation

  • This needs to be scheduled with the Clinical Trial Staff.
  • Wednesday afternoon is the preferred day.


To facilitate monitors from each trial being able to access the site for monitoring purposes, the following guidelines are recommended:

  • Monitoring to be conducted at a minimum of 6 weekly
  • Monitoring visits are restricted to 2 monitoring days per visit
  • The next monitoring visit should be scheduled immediately after monitoring and made directly with the study coordinator
  • The site needs to be notified if more than one monitor will be visiting
  • Satisfactory notification if a meeting with the Principal Investigator is required
  • Frequent interruptions are disruptive. The Study Coordinator will be available for resolving issues/queries at designated times during the day. This needs to be decided at the start of each visit.
  • The office and the compactus system are confidential areas and use of these areas should be kept to a minimum.