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Maternity Care Models

Three models of maternity care exist for women wishing to have their baby at the Mullumbimby Birth Centre:

  • Midwives Program
    Women see a midwife for the whole of their pregnancy, birth and postnatal period.  2 of your team midwives are present for your birth.  An on call Doctor is available at all times.
  • Shared Care
    Women share their antenatal care between a MCBS doctor and primary midwife. Both the doctor and midwife are present at the birth.
  • Doctors Program
    Women see a GP obstetrician throughout their pregnancy and birth. Their team midwife will also be present at their birth.
  • Home Birth
    Women chose to give birth at home, attended by the team Midwife.  Your antenatal visits take place either in your home or at the birth centre. Two midwives attend your birth.
The aim of our care is to enjoy your pregnancy with you, and help you in partnership with us prepare physically and mentally for your labour and parenthood. We achieve this by incorporating discussions, education, and positive attitudes when providing friendly, respectful interactions and physical examinations of you and your baby. We will provide you with information to assist you in making informed choices regarding your care during pregnancy, birth and early parenting.
It is the philosophy of the Mullumbimby Birth Centre to view pregnancy and birth as normal healthy events in a woman’s life, unless complications present. Therefore if pregnancy and labour progress normally, Mullumbimby Birth Centre believes that adopting an attitude of care, safety and low intervention, provides the best opportunity to enhance the birthing experience of each family unit.

Mullumbimby Birth Centre practises continuity of maternity care and carer so as to promote woman centred care:
  • By fostering a trusting and mutually respectfulpartnership between the woman and her care provider.
  • By focussing on the woman’s individual, unique needs, expectations and aspirations.
  • By encompassing the needs of the baby, the woman’s family, her significant others and community, as identified and negotiated by the woman herself.
  • That is ‘holistic’ in terms of addressing the woman’s social, emotional, physical, psychological, spiritual, and cultural needs and expectations. (Leap 2000).
Our care encompasses a holistic approach and is one based on trust. We ask that you be honest with your communications with us, and that you hold a strong belief in the natural birthing process and the value of breastfeeding. We also ask that you seriously consider any recommendations that we make regarding your care.


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