Bonalbo Hospital

Bonalbo District Hospital is a local community, level 2 rural hospital within the Northern New South Wales Health District providing care to over 460 patients every year. The hospital sees over 4,000 Emergency attendances annually.

Services We Provide

The Bonalbo Hospital provides a range of accessible healthcare services to the public. The information provided in this directory is aimed at making it easier for everyone to understand what services are available and how to access them. Select from the services listing on the right of the screen to learn more about these services.

Hours of Service

The Bonalbo Hospital is open 24hrs, 365 days per year

Contacting Us

Clarence Way, Bonalbo, NSW 2469, Australia
(02) 6665 4100 (02) 6665 1116

  • No restriction on visiting hours. Visitors are encouraged to leave by 8pm to encourage patients to rest.
  • Onsite parking available
  • Onsite disabled parking available
  • Onsite street parking is not available

Director Medical Services

Dr Katherine

(02) 6620 2353

Nurse Manager

Cheryl Ducat
(02) 6665 1203

Executive Officer / Director of Nursing

Nancy Martin
(02) 6665 1203

Aboriginal Health Liaison Officer

Marianne Pholi
(02) 6665 1203

Location of Service:

Bonalbo Hospital, Hospital Road, Bonalbo, NSW, 2469, Australia

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