Salary Packaging

Salary Packaging has been approved by NSW Health and is available to all permanent full and part-time staff. Non-permanent staff may also salary package if they have a minimum of a 3 month contract.
  • An ATO approved benefit and an industrial award provision available to award employees of NNSWLHD
  • Available to all permanent full and part-time staff, and those on a minimum 3 month contract
  • Package up to $9,095 of your usual household expenses (mortage, rent, personal loans, credit card paymentsetc ) with pre-tax dollars to reduce your taxable income.
  • Non reportable fringe benefits are available – up to $2,000 Plus exempt benefits such as a laptop computer and the meal entertainment benefit.
  • Low income earners benefit and there is no effect on Centrelink payments.

Employees may elect to receive part of their pay through salary packaging – that is, ‘reimbursing’ an employee”s bills up to $9,095 per year. The salary packaged amount is a deduction made “pre-tax”, is paid fortnightly and is tax free. The remaining portion of the salary is taxed at the standard rate (apart from the tax-free threshold). As a result, the tax paid each fortnight is significantly reduced.