Abuse in Same Sex Relationships

DV-SSRDomestic violence in a same sex relationship impacts on a person’s wellbeing just as it does in heterosexual relationships. Although most information on DV is gender related, DV is about power and control. There does not need to be a gender difference for abuse to occur.

There are particular barriers that people in same sex relationships experience including:

  • Threats to ‘out’ the abused partner – where they have not told others of their sexual orientation
  • Community disbelief that DV happens in same sex relationships
  • Threats of isolation within the gay and lesbian community eg preventing their partner from socialising
  • Offender claims of being the victim so others don’t know which partner to believe.

For more information and supporting agencies:

Lesbian & Gay Anti-Violence Project – information and referral only – not a crisis line

1800 063 060