Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Women

Getting help because of domestic violence is difficult for any woman. However, Aboriginal women have additional problems and barriers that arise from complex social problems such as historical and intergenerational trauma, poverty, unemployment, illness and racism. Elaborate extended family and community networks can also make taking action difficult, as can mistrust of the service system and experiences of poor service response in the past.

To overcome some of these barriers, service providers need to:

  • Treat Aboriginal people with respect
  • Listen carefully to what an Aboriginal woman is telling you and respond to her needs
  • Be aware that Aboriginal women may prefer to talk to an Aboriginal worker and access information from an Aboriginal specific service. Sometimes they may also prefer not to.
  • Offer your client the choice.
Aboriginal Legal Services Site/Tel No.
Indigenous Women’s Legal Contact Line (Freecall): 1800 639 784
Many Rivers Family Violence Prevention Legal Service:
(Taree to Nambucca). Provides legal advice, support, representation, community education, assistance & referral for Aboriginal families who experience family/domestic violence.
 02 6562 5856
Aboriginal Specialist DVCAS: Kempsey:
02 6563 1479
Aboriginal Legal Service: Taree:
02 6551 3928
02 6562 5990
Warringa Baiya Aboriginal Legal Centre: Lismore:
02 6622 7088
02 6640 1400