Speech Pathology – Children

Evans Head Community Health – Speech Pathology

The Child and Family Speech Pathologists work in conjunction with Nursing and Allied Health services to provide assessment and intervention services to children with communication and swallowing disorders and their families. The services provided by the Speech Pathologists are in line with NSW Health, Families NSW Policy directives in prioritising children. All children with communication or feeding difficulties are eligible for assessment. The level of treatment service offered will depend on the child’s age and presenting difficulties. Treatment may range from parental/teacher advice and support, direct home or school based programming, regular review or individual/group therapy programs. NOTE: Service currently provided through Medicare Local.

  • 8.30am – 5.00pm (Mon-Fri).
  • Children 0-18 years of age are eligible for assessment for this service.
  • Phone and speak directly with Speech Pathologist who will complete and intake and place child on waiting list for assessemnt. Waiting list times will vary according to clinical need and age of the child.
  • This service outreaches for Coraki Campbell Community Health on a Wednesday. Please contact Evans Head Community Health for an appointment.
(02) 6682 4899 (02) 6682 6414

Location of Service

Evans Head Community Health, 1-11 Woodburn St, Evans Head NSW 2473, Australia

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