Occupational Therapy – Children

Evans Head Community Health Occupational Therapy – Children

TThe Paediatric Occupational Therapy Service’s core business involves working with children from birth to eighteen years of age and their families and carers, providing a coordinated and timely intervention that will enhance the client’s health well-being and functioning. The Paediatric Occupational Therapy Service at Coraki Evans service is now provided through the NorthCoast Medicare Local.

  • 8.30am – 5.00pm (Mon-Fri)
  • Service Operates from Tuesday to Thursday
  • Referrals can be made to the service through facility specific referral processes. If the referring agent is not a parent or legal guardian they must have signed permission of parent to discuss the child’s health issues
  • Phone service and ask to speak directly with the Occupational Therapist to complete an intake/referral
  • This service outreaches for Coraki Campbell Community Health on a Wednesday. Please contact Evans Head Community Health for an appointment
(02) 6682 4899 (02) 6682 6414

Location of Service

Evans Head Community Health, 1-11 Woodburn St, Evans Head NSW 2473, Australia

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